The 2020 Census is in full swing. The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina understands that a fair and accurate count is key to the fight to end hunger.

The census is not only an opportunity to empower our community — it is also an opportunity to help ensure our friends and neighbors have access to food. Data from the census is used to determine how much federal funding will flow into essential food programs, like SNAP and WIC; measure how many people across the country need food; and help shape business decisions that can help create jobs.

Why the Census Matters

There’s a lot at stake, especially for many of the people the Food Bank and our network of partner agencies serve — people who are often from populations most at risk of being undercounted, and under-represented.

The 2020 Census provides a chance to shape our nation’s future. To make certain our future is a hunger-free America, help us spread the word about the importance of the census and ensure no one is left uncounted.

Census Day is April 1

By this date, every home will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Once it arrives, you should respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail. This information is used to make sure our community and others across the nation are accurately funded for food and nutrition programs and represented for the next decade.

Visit to explore the form or see frequently asked questions. Follow @FoodBankCENC on Twitter and Facebook to help reach your own friends and family!

Earline Middleton

Earline Middleton
Vice President of Partner Services & Public Policy
Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina