In 1999, just two years after I started at the Food Bank, Hurricane Floyd swept through and devastated much of our service area. The Food Bank was open for 24 hours, seven days a week for months. We opened a branch in Greenville several months early because the need was so great. Ultimately the Food Bank distributed 5.4 million pounds of food and supplies in response to Floyd.

This was the largest disaster relief effort by the Food Bank – until Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Three months after Hurricane Florence, the Food Bank had distributed nearly 6 million pounds of food. Our team operated nonstop to provide food, water, and supplies to those impacted by the storm. This is more than twice our normal distribution, and is in addition to continuing to serve our partners through regular operations.

It’s important to continue to remember the children, seniors, and families who were hit hardest by the storm. Many have lost everything. For those who were already struggling to provide for their family’s basic needs, the flooding is even more catastrophic. And unfortunately, many these folks have a long recovery still ahead.

Because of you, these families have been given more than just the food and supplies they desperately need…they’ve been given hope. The hope that one day soon they’ll get back on their feet and return to the lives they had before Florence made landfall. We’ve promised to stand beside them for as long as they need us. And, thanks to you, we’re here for them in their greatest time of need. Together, we’re in it for the long haul.

Moving forward, after Florence

We know that many people are in the overwhelming process of making their destroyed houses and apartments home again. The Food Bank is supporting long term recovery with food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies. We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of the community. As of mid January, 2019 Food Bank CENC has distributed 7.5 million meals and packed more than 20,000 disaster relief boxes for families in need. We have also opened a mobile pantry in the community of Trenton to serve people directly, twice a week.

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Peter Werbicki
Peter Werbicki
Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina