Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Food Bank’s mission. Our dedicated volunteers give more than 200,000 person-hours each year, and literally double Food Bank CNEC’s staff capacity to receive bulk food donations, inspect each item for food safety and quality, and distribute family-size bundles to our 800+ Partner Agencies (food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, etc). We could never do this important work alone!

We are very excited to have a new online self-scheduling system called Samaritan! The new system makes it more efficient to see available volunteer sessions, reserve a spot, and send an invite link to group members to pre-register within the same group. Thank you for your patience as we work to fix any hiccups that appear during roll out.


How to self-schedule a volunteer session at Food Bank CENC:


  1. Visit our new online self-scheduling system, and click on the Food Bank Branch where you would like to volunteer.


  2. From the pop up, choose what type of volunteer you are and click search.

  3. Click search to bring up the calendar of opportunities.

    Note: If you do not see any open sessions on a particular day, it means they are full. However, sessions are listed 4 months out on a rolling basis, so every day new sessions are made available.

  4. From this calendar, you can select a volunteer session.

    Note: Please only select a date, time, and number of people that you are certain will volunteer, so that opportunities are available for everyone.

  5. To reserve your volunteer session, the system will ask you to Sign Up or Login. You must be logged in to reserve your volunteer session.

    Note: Your login to self-scheduler a volunteer session is separate from any login you have as a Food Bank donor.

  6. Individual vs. Group

    If you are scheduling as a group, you have a few more steps to ensure all group members register online before coming to the Food Bank. If you are scheduling as an individual you are done!

  7. Select the group you are representing (or input a new group).

  8. Specify the number of volunteer spaces you want to reserve and click next.

  9. Then click Reserve and Invite.

  10. Copy and share the URL with your team members so they can register online before the volunteer session.

    Note: All group members must register online through your link for the volunteer session before you visit the Food Bank. This ensures a speedy check in, and the most meals packed!

Thank you for taking time out of your buys schedules to provide neighbors in need with food to eat. We can’t wait to see you soon!


Q: Why must volunteers register online before arriving at the Food Bank to volunteer?

A: All volunteers must register online. Registering online is the same as reading and signing the paper Volunteer Information Form we used before. Now, this step does not delay starting the volunteer project by taking up time that could be used to feed neighbors in need!

Q: Will I have to register every time?
A: You only need to register once. You can then log into your volunteer account to edit your session or self-schedule any future volunteer sessions.

Q: Help! I’ve created an account but I’m having trouble logging in.
A: First, double check if you are trying to access your FBCENC Donor account, or your Volunteer account. You can log in or reset your password to your Donor account here.  You can log in or reset your password to your Volunteer account here.

Q: Why don’t I see any volunteer sessions listed for the day I want to volunteer?
A: If you do not see any open sessions on a particular day, it means they are full. However, sessions are listed 4 months out on a rolling basis, so every day new sessions are made available.

Need Further Help?

Thank you for helping us fight hunger. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you have any questions, see if they are answered here first. If you don’t see your question, you can contact your branch’s Volunteer Coordinator:

Durham Branch: Email DurVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (919) 956-2513 ext. 2104

Greenville Branch: Email GreenVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (252) 752-4996 ext. 2302

New Bern Branch: Email NBVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (252) 752-4996 ext. 2302

Raleigh Branch: Email RalVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (919) 865-3062

Sandhills Branch: Email SandVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (910) 692-5959 ext. 2407

Wilmington Branch: Email WilmVolCoord@foodbankcenc.org or call (910) 251.1465 ext. 2202

Get Social!

We love when volunteers share photos of their experience fighting hunger! Tag us on social media, @FoodBankCENC, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or use the tag #NoOneGoesHungry. You never know when your photo could be re-posted!