My name is Kathleen Hoolihan and I am the new Nutrition Education Coordinator based at our Wilmington Branch. I am so very excited to join the wonderful ladies (Sara & Jenny) on the Nutrition Education team.

I graduated from UNCW with a degree in Public Health and have had a focus on nutrition, food insecurity, food sovereignty, and food justice ever since. In my previous job, I was an AmeriCorps Service Member working with elementary school students teaching garden and nutrition education. I was thrilled to join the Food Bank as a Volunteer Coordinator in 2019 and am excited to continue my career in community health.

Food to me is home, food is family, food is history, there is just so much more to it. I love the stories that are shared over and about food. The way food brings people together can be inspiring and I look forward to getting to work with and learn from all our agencies and clients in a different capacity.

-Kathleen Hoolihan

Kathleen Hoolihan and her dog at the beach