As we begin to wind down our Stop Summer Hunger initiative, and look ahead to Hunger Action Month in September, I have again been reminded about the power of partnerships in our community.

When it comes to making sure that children and their families can keep food on the table during the stressful summer months, we’ve long known the Food Bank alone cannot provide what’s needed. Thanks to your support, we’re able to coordinate extensively with other nonprofits and local governments to ensure that kids missing out on free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch can be full and have the summer of play they deserve. We’re very grateful to our corporate sponsors as well, for kicking off Stop Summer Hunger each year with food, volunteer, and monetary support — shining a light on the importance of addressing summer hunger.

With children headed back to school, we begin thinking about education and awareness. That’s really what Hunger Action Month is about. While we know that you understand what hunger means in central and eastern North Carolina, the truth is that not everyone in our community and state does.

More than 600,000 people — including children, seniors, and veterans — in our 34 counties don’t know where their next meal will come from. That’s a statistic that, when shared with the people in your circle, could spark action and change. Share on Twitter

My ask of you for this year’s Hunger Action Month is to seek out opportunities with your friends and loved ones to share what you know about hunger in our community. Our Hunger Action Month calendar has one idea for every day of the month. Let them know that statistic above, who is facing hunger, and perhaps suggest they visit their local food bank to find out how they can help. Even short conversations about hunger are a way to keep the power of partnerships strong.

I am thankful every day for your support of our mission, and know that together we are working to ensure no one goes hungry.

Peter Werbicki headshotPeter Werbicki
Peter Werbicki