COVID-19 continues to impact so many aspects of life for people in our service area. There are of course health implications, and many are now helping to educate their children at home, while others have lost jobs or had hours cut. Thanks to your support, the Food Bank and our network of 900 local Partner Agencies are here to help any family or individual, so that no one goes hungry in our 34-county service area.

Renee and her family recently visited Food Bank partner St. Joseph’s food pantry in Pender County. Her entire family, including her one-year-old child, were recovering from the COVID-19 virus. Renee’s husband is a farm worker and does not have paid sick leave. The family was exhausted and devastated by the loss of income. Renee’s family was grateful to receive food, to help them regain their strength as they recover.

St. Joseph’s is not the only Food Bank partner meeting people in this situation. On average, our Partner Agencies have seen a 38% increase in the number of people they are serving.

“This family is not unique,” said Kathy Sabella, lead of the pantry at St. Joseph’s. “It represents a whole sector of our population who work to sustain the rest of us.”

One year into this pandemic, the Food Bank is still working hard to support our Partner Agencies with more food and safety items. In fact, our food distribution has nearly doubled. We continue to deliver boxes to homebound seniors, provide additional assistance to families and children who might be missing school meals, and fill other gaps as needed. Together, we are working toward a more resilient future. You can keep up with our work, and find ways to help here.

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This story was originally featured in our COVID-19 One Year Later newsletter, published Winter 2021.

Winter 2021 Newsletter