29 08, 2014

The Thing About Living on a Tight Budget


By Earline Middleton, Vice President of Agency Services and Programs In preparation for the FNS Challenge, I carefully planned my meals and shopped for only $4.06 worth of food for each day. I kept my meals simple and stayed under budget. Until my refrigerator broke. The thing about living on such a tight budget is [...]

The Thing About Living on a Tight Budget2014-08-29T09:20:09-04:00
27 08, 2014

The Hardest Part About Living on #406ADay


For many of our FNS Challenge participants, the most difficult and enlightening aspect of the Challenge and biggest change from their normal lives is the trip to the grocery store. The process takes time, organization, forethought, and quick fingers on the calculator. Check out the links below to read about some experiences preparing for this week's [...]

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26 08, 2014

Protein, Chocolate, and Other Must-Haves in a $4.06 a Day Meal Plan


By Caitlin Cohn, Retail Program Coordinator I think a lot about what I eat. As a vegetarian that works at a food bank, I spend a lot of time thinking about food: What’s in it, the nutritional value, and of course how we can get it to folks in need. But this week my thoughts [...]

Protein, Chocolate, and Other Must-Haves in a $4.06 a Day Meal Plan2014-08-26T15:29:32-04:00
25 08, 2014

FNS Challenge: Day 1


This week Food Bank staff and community members are taking the FNS Challenge to get a sense of what life is like for thousands of people in North Carolina that receive FNS benefits and live on just $4.06 worth of food each day. Every day this week we'll publish a round-up of posts from participants that have chosen [...]

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