13 09, 2019

More challenges facing the future of SNAP


What can you do to make sure the USDA hears why proposed changes will food assistance from 3 million people? Submit your comment through Feeding America’s advocacy form. It takes just a few minutes to make your voice heard, but the impact can be far-reaching. You have until September 23 to provide comments so do not delay!

More challenges facing the future of SNAP2019-11-05T09:48:22-05:00
14 12, 2014

Tackling Hunger from All Sides


In the community we are well known for our ability to provide food to people who live in food insecure households. We work hard to efficiently distribute millions of pounds of food across our region to local partner agencies. But as leaders in hunger relief, we manage and operate many different initiatives aimed at tackling [...]

Tackling Hunger from All Sides2014-12-14T20:17:45-05:00