25 07, 2019

Share Your ‘Why’ – Kat & Bert


After volunteering across the country, Kat & Bert wanted to help neighbors in need in their home community. The Food Bank is just what they were looking for!

Share Your ‘Why’ – Kat & Bert2019-10-16T10:46:29-04:00
24 07, 2019

Peter: We cannot let up


Overall food insecurity has gone down, but 2 very important populations have not improved: our children and the senior citizens in our community.

Peter: We cannot let up2019-10-16T10:47:34-04:00
13 08, 2018

Peter: Short conversations


As we begin to wind down our Stop Summer Hunger initiative, and look ahead to Hunger Action Month in September, I have again been reminded about the power of partnerships in our community. When it comes to making sure that children and their families can keep food on the table during the stressful summer months, [...]

Peter: Short conversations2018-08-13T16:39:26-04:00
18 08, 2017

Making a difference for families like Preethi’s


More than 630,000 of our friends and neighbors in central and eastern North Carolina are one life event away from having to choose between paying bills and putting food on the table. Many of these folks are just getting by working two part-time jobs. Some are dealing with illness. And some have come to our [...]

Making a difference for families like Preethi’s2017-08-18T16:57:35-04:00
1 10, 2015

After Just Seven Days: What I Learned from the Hunger Challenge


By Jon Jaeger, Food Bank Hunger Challenge participant Lunchtime. For many people, lunchtime makes for a welcome break in the day to get through slow mornings and re-energize for long afternoons. Many look forward to the short pause while enjoying a satisfying meal. At my workplace, we have food trucks in the area almost every [...]

After Just Seven Days: What I Learned from the Hunger Challenge2015-10-01T14:31:26-04:00
10 09, 2015

Volunteering at the Food Bank: Why it Matters to Me


By Jennifer Spencer, Social Media Ambassador for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC   Jennifer Spencer holds her Social Media Ambassador Certificate along with other Social Media Ambassadors Nathan Spencer, Lisa Sullivan, and #FoodBank24 host Gregory Ng. September is Hunger Action Month. When I say that, you might be conjuring up [...]

Volunteering at the Food Bank: Why it Matters to Me2015-09-10T17:46:46-04:00
4 09, 2015

Hunger Matters to Me Because…


In honor of Hunger Action Month, we asked Food Bank staff members why hunger mattered to them. Here are some of their responses for why they work hard every day: Hunger Matters to me because… “We’re here to serve our families, friends, and neighbors in need.” “216,667 children should not be hungry.” “I get to [...]

Hunger Matters to Me Because…2015-09-04T15:20:23-04:00
24 09, 2014

Taking Hunger Action, One Minute at a Time


By Gregory Ng, Food Bank Social Media Ambassador & CMO of Brooks Bell September is Hunger Action Month. For two years now I have taken action by staying awake for over 24 hours straight, raising money and awareness for hunger relief. And this Friday I will do it again. The third annual #FoodBank24: A New Media [...]

Taking Hunger Action, One Minute at a Time2014-09-24T17:44:16-04:00
5 09, 2014

Peter On Food Insecurity and Why Your Partnership is More Important Than Ever


Hello friends, Peter Werbicki, President/CEO For 34 years the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina has restored hope, dignity, and a sense of normality to thousands of people through the simple provision of food. We continue to climb this mountain of great need, even as it grows higher and higher in front us. [...]

Peter On Food Insecurity and Why Your Partnership is More Important Than Ever2014-09-05T14:07:25-04:00
25 08, 2014

FNS Challenge: Day 1


This week Food Bank staff and community members are taking the FNS Challenge to get a sense of what life is like for thousands of people in North Carolina that receive FNS benefits and live on just $4.06 worth of food each day. Every day this week we'll publish a round-up of posts from participants that have chosen [...]

FNS Challenge: Day 12014-08-25T21:11:24-04:00