16 01, 2015

Our Raleigh Branch on the Move


You may have heard that we need a new building for our Raleigh distribution center. Here’s some more information about how our Raleigh Branch works and why we are looking for a larger space. Partner Agencies pick up food at our Raleigh distribution center. Photo credit: Donn Young Six days a week, Food [...]

Our Raleigh Branch on the Move2015-01-16T17:35:27-05:00
8 01, 2015

Food Bank Best of 2014


This past year, we achieved so much together. We distributed more food, helped more kids grow healthy and strong, and raised awareness of food insecurity in central & eastern North Carolina. Here are the Food Bank highlights from 2014: We launched a blog, without which we couldn't bring you this awesome post. We partnered with an elementary [...]

Food Bank Best of 20142015-01-08T16:11:08-05:00
7 11, 2014

Behind-The-Scenes: Meet Anthony


Meet Anthony. He's the Warehouse Coordinator at our Raleigh Branch. Anthony helps unload food donations from our trucks, weighs them, and prepares them for distribution to our partner agencies. He is always the last one out of our distribution center, making sure everything is in order for our drivers so they can get on the road first thing in [...]

Behind-The-Scenes: Meet Anthony2014-11-07T16:22:50-05:00
8 10, 2014

The Road to the Dinner Table


By Justin Reasoner, Transportation & Raleigh Warehouse Manager That's me! When I pull up to work, it’s still dark outside. I walk past our trucks lined up at the docks, being prepped for the day’s routes. Mornings at the Food Bank begin with the operations team. Our drivers are among the first ones [...]

The Road to the Dinner Table2014-10-08T18:22:26-04:00
3 10, 2014

What is a partner agency anyway?


A partner agency is our umbrella term for nonprofits such as food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior centers, and other organizations that provide emergency food assistance to people in need. These agencies are on the front lines of hunger, directly providing food and other human services to their community. Across our 34 county service [...]

What is a partner agency anyway?2014-10-03T14:50:39-04:00
8 08, 2014

Meet the Man Behind Fresh Food Friday


…and all of those sweet potatoes you had to sort. By Carter Crain, Food Resources Manger Yup - That's me! If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know that every Friday we post a photo of produce that has been donated to the Food Bank, ready to distribute to folks [...]

Meet the Man Behind Fresh Food Friday2014-08-08T12:35:49-04:00
18 06, 2014

2013 Impact Report: Food Restores


The Food Bank produces an Annual Report, or Impact Report, every year. The report includes comprehensive information about our activities and financial performance from the year prior, and is a simple way to see how your generous donations helped the community--how you made a difference. And our latest report is in! Check it out: View the [...]

2013 Impact Report: Food Restores2014-06-18T17:07:21-04:00
9 05, 2014

Save the Cans: An Engineering Project for Hunger Relief


Millions of cans are donated to the Food Bank every year. But how do we prepare them for distribution? All canned food donations are weighed and sorted by our volunteers. But the cans we receive from one of our food industry partners, around 500,000 of them, must also be inspected and labeled. Volunteers carefully examine [...]

Save the Cans: An Engineering Project for Hunger Relief2014-05-09T13:00:24-04:00