4 02, 2016

One Thing We Need to Provide Healthier Food


When you come home from the grocery store, where do you put your perishable food? Could you pick up a gallon of milk, some frozen chicken, or a carton of yogurt without having a refrigerator or freezer at home? As consumers, we know the critical value of having reliable appliances to help us keep food [...]

One Thing We Need to Provide Healthier Food2016-02-04T16:38:43-05:00
17 10, 2014

On the Road with Manny


What's it like to be a Food Bank driver? And how do they distribute food to people in need? Watch the video to follow Manny on his route from Wake to Warren County and back while he drops off food at a partner agency and fills his truck back up with donations from our retail partners. [...]

On the Road with Manny2014-10-17T17:28:51-04:00