Leadership & Service: Earline Middleton’s Contribution

The Food Bank’s history includes many great employees who all made an impact by helping nourish our friends and neighbors. But only one can say they’ve dedicated three decades to the Food Bank.

Earline Middleton arrived in Raleigh with her family in 1990 by way of Cincinnati, Ohio. Shortly after, she saw an ad for a position with the Food Bank in the paper and it caught her attention. Soon, Earline was starting a new job helping the organization raise food and funds.

As the Food Bank began to evolve, Earline grew right alongside it — at one point moving into a volunteer management role and finally landing with the Food Bank’s Partner Services department. Under Earline’s leadership as the Vice President of Partner Services & Public Policy, her team has greatly expanded the capacity of the Food Bank’s partner agencies.

They launched programs aimed at feeding more of our most vulnerable population — children and seniors, advocated for strong federal and state nutrition programs, and helped our partner agencies expand their capacity to nourish more people.

Meeting Community Needs

“Earline has been key to the Food Bank’s ability to serve,” said Peter Werbicki, President & CEO of the Food Bank. “It is safe to say thousands of people in our service area have had meals on their table as a result of her great work.”

While her leadership role certainly keeps her busy, Earline is always one of the first to jump up and help bring in a food drive or volunteer at a food distribution. She continues to spread the message of the Food Bank to everyone she meets. We are truly lucky that she has dedicated a huge part of her life to our work

Your turn

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This story was originally featured in our 2019 Impact Report, published Spring 2020. Click here to view the full report.