Nicole packing meal bags for Nutrition Education class participants

How did you first come to be a Food Bank CENC volunteer?

Volunteering has always been a big part of my life.  Currently, I am working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian and I thought that volunteering at a Food Bank would be a great opportunity to blend two things that I love. I saw it as a great opportunity to give back to a new community and meet new people.

What kinds of volunteer projects have you participated in?

During my time at the Food Bank CENC, I have participated in a wide range of volunteer projects such as working with Sara Clement, the Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Education Manager, sorting/packaging produce, and working in the office to help file paperwork. Every day is different. I have enjoyed all my shifts at the Food Bank CENC, but I have really enjoyed the relationships that I have formed with the other volunteers and employees.

What’s a moment while volunteering that felt especially rewarding?

A common volunteer project is to help sort and bag produce.  After we sort and bag the produce, we are told the number of meals that we helped to produce.  I always find this information to be very rewarding because I know that it is going directly to the people in need. If anyone is hesitant about volunteering, I would encourage them to do it!  Even if its just the once.  Your efforts can help feed people in need.

Your turn!

Volunteers are vital to ensuring nutritious food reaches more than 600,000 individuals living in food-insecure households in our service area of 34 counties. Last year, Food Bank volunteers gave a recording breaking 253,567 hours of their time. This is equivalent to 122 full-time employees — literally doubling the size of our staff!  Every day, Food Bank CENC volunteers are making a tangible contribution to our communities…and you can too!

Volunteers double our staff!