Fiscal Year 2019-2021 Strategic Plan

Increase Food Access

Key Initiatives
• Distribute an additional 11 million meals, a 20% increase
• Expand benefits outreach and targeted programs
• Build agency network and infrastructure to support growth
Outcome: Greater access to nutritious food

Build Solutions To End Hunger

Key Initiatives
• Create client-centered nutrition programming
• Develop healthcare and institutional partnerships
• Establish multi-tiered service partners
• Economic mobility and workforce development
Outcome: Healthier, food-secure community

Raise Awareness And Engage Our Community

Key Initiatives
• Expand public policy and advocacy capacity
• Refresh brand to reflect organizational vision
• Establish goals and benchmarks for serving our customers
Outcome: Increased public passion to end hunger

Strengthen Ability To Serve

Key Initiatives
• Improve branch infrastructure
• Implement IT and major capital initiatives
• Complete staff and board development goals
• Execute annual and other revenue strategies
Outcome: Organization is prepared to achieve strategic vision

Download the Strategic Plan
Strategic plan pie chart info graphic showing 4 categories - Access with a key, Food Security with an apple, Infrastructure with meeples, and Engagement with two shaking hands.