Become A Partner Agency

Interested in becoming a Food Bank partner agency?

We are looking for partners that are currently addressing food insecurity in their communities and plan to do so for the long haul. Having a strong foundation as an organization is key to ensuring your success and longevity in providing food to your community. Please follow the steps below to assess your interest and alignment with our agency network.

  • Step 1: Before considering partnering directly with the Food Bank, we encourage all interested organizations to review the list of our current partners in your community. Please use our Food Finder tool to search for organizations within your zip code, town/city, and/or county. Because our resources are limited and we believe in making the most impact across our network as possible, we cannot partner with every interested organization. At times, we may encourage you to collaborate with organizations in your community as opposed to directly partnering with the Food Bank. Please take time to review the list of current partners and consider collaborating together. If you do not see any current partners within your community or your organization operates a different type of food assistance program than what is already operating in your community, we encourage you to move on to Step 2 below.

  • Step 2: Please click here to review the Six Values of our Partner Agency Network.

    • Our Food Bank partners with 501c3 nonprofit organizations and independent Churches/organizations. If your organization is an independent Church or other organization, meaning not a 501c3 nonprofit, please click here to review the Documentation List for Independent Churches and Organizations to see what documentation is needed for partnership.
    • Please note, we are not currently accepting Group Homes, Residential Facilities, or Daycares as partners for our agency network.
  • Step 3: Please click here to complete the Eligibility Criteria Questionnaire which is a self-assessment designed to help your organization determine your readiness for partnership. Please keep track of your score on the self-assessment and use your score to determine the following information:

    • If your organization does not meet at least half of the eligibility criteria for partnership, partnering with the Food Bank directly may not be the best fit for your organization or our network at this point in time. However, we encourage you to continue to fight hunger in your communities and suggest searching our list of current Food Bank Partner Agencies to collaborate and partner together locally.
    • If your organization meets at least half of the eligibility criteria for partnership, we encourage you to consider attending a Food Bank Open House to learn more about what partnering together looks like and how we may work alongside one another to best serve those in need in our communities.

Open House Information

For All Organizations: When you register for an Open House, the first question will ask for an “Agency Number”. Please put “0000” in this space. You will be given an Agency Number if you become a partner agency.
  • Wilmington Branch Virtual Open House
    If you are located in Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender Counties, the Wilmington Branch is hosting their own online Open House on January 21. Please register here. (If you cannot attend on January 21, please register for one of the two dates below.)

Once your organization attends an Open House, you will be provided an application for partnership with the Food Bank. We will work with you one-on-one to discuss our potential partnership, your role in our agency network, and hunger relief in your community.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email