Community Health & Engagement

The Food Bank not only feeds those who are hungry; we also work to benefit community health. The nutritional value of the foods we eat, and the access to that food, has a profound effect on our overall health. 

That’s why, in 2016, the Food Bank launched our Community Health & Engagement Department.

With a focus on nutrition, education, and outreach; analyzing and supporting the work of improving the food systems throughout our service area, the Community Health & Engagement Department works to address hunger at its root causes while empowering the communities we live in. 

Nutrition Education 

With three nutritionists on staff, the Food Bank shares recipes, healthy tips, and other resources for our partner agencies and the people we serve. We utilize our on-site teaching kitchen to offer cooking demonstrations and nutrition education to highlight easy, quick, and low-cost recipes using healthful foods like whole grains, fresh produce, low fat dairy, and lean meats. The Food Bank operates multiple gardens to increase the supply of fresh produce we’re able to distribute and to showcase skills for growing food. 

Woman stands behind table displaying an overflowing bag of food including cereal, apples, peanut butter, soup, canned veggies, and more.

Health and Food Systems Partnerships 

We know that the Food Bank cannot build solutions to hunger alone, and that’s why we’re focused on collaborating with external partners in the form of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and food councils. By analyzing the existing food systems within our service area to determine how food moves from source to retailer to agency to plate, we can support best practices across North Carolina and realize our vision of no one going hungry.  

Woman holds her son in her arms

Benefits Outreach Services

The Food Bank’s team of Benefits Outreach Coordinators support individual applications for Food and Nutrition Services (FNS- also known as SNAP or Food Stamps). Please visit our Benefits Outreach page to learn more about these services and get in touch with a team member.