June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic, and we are taking action to prepare our six branches and community partners to be able to provide emergency food and supplies in the event of a natural disaster.

Thanks to a grant given by the Allstate Foundation through Feeding America, we are in the process of reviewing and strengthening our disaster plan in coordination with our friends at the Food Bank of the Albemarle to ensure the entire coast of North Carolina is covered most effectively should a disaster occur. Over the past few months we have evaluated available resources, identified continued needs, and formulated new action steps we can take to fortify our efforts in our own communities and across the eastern region. In the coming weeks our staff will review our revamped plan and will participate in a formal disaster training so that we can immediately organize an efficient relief effort. Stay tuned for more information on updates to our disaster relief plan!

Photo of staff in disaster plan meeting

Our Food Resources Manager, President/CEO, and Volunteer Services Manager discuss action steps for each department in the event of a hurricane.


May 24-30 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. What can you do to prepare for a hurricane or flood? Make an emergency plan with your family, build a disaster supplies kit with water, food, flashlights, and first aid, and download the ReadyNC App. For more information about how to prepare for a disaster, visit the National Weather Service.