This week Food Bank staff and community members are taking the FNS Challenge to get a sense of what life is like for thousands of people in North Carolina that receive FNS benefits and live on just $4.06 worth of food each day.

Every day this week we’ll publish a round-up of posts from participants that have chosen to share their experiences on digital media. We hope you find their accounts valuable and follow the action all week here and on Twitter.


Gregory Ng, Food Bank Social Media Ambassador, talks about his shopping experience and recaps the first day on his blog.

Triangle Localista, local blogger, describes the process of menu planning and shopping.

Thrifty Office Furniture, Food Bank Social Media Ambassador, write about Day 1 on their blog.

Gideon Adams, Food Bank staff member, tweets about his shopping experience with his family.

Molly Rivera, Food Bank staff member, describes her first day experience and menu.


 There’s still time to join us and take the FNS Challenge! Register here.