Tough Choices for Families in Need

Grandmother hugging her granddaughterPat, a 60-year-old former registered nurse, found herself with a tough choice after an injury prevented her from working. The funds she receives now are barely enough to cover her rent and utilities let alone purchase food. Most of the decisions Pat must make are hard — including choosing to skip meals so the granddaughter she is raising has enough to eat.

Thankfully she was recently able to visit Food Bank partner agency Inter-Faith Council in Carrboro to receive some staples like pasta and lots of fresh fruits and veggies such as bananas, celery, and tomatoes. Now, both Pat and her granddaughter can have nourishing food to eat.

“I felt both sad that I had to go, but glad I knew it was there,” said Pat. When asked how she felt when she returned home with the food, she simply said, “Relieved.”

Fighting Hunger in Our Communities

With nearly 600,000 food-insecure people in the Food Bank’s 34-county service area, too many people like Pat are being forced to make tough choices. These folks are often working more than one job and have a hard time making ends meet; having to choose between paying for food or things like rent, utilities, or life-saving prescription medications. Even neighbors who currently make a good salary and feel safe may be one or two life changes away from having to make these hard choices themselves.

Pat saw hunger during her career as a registered nurse and now knows how it feels firsthand. She would like people to know that hunger in more prominent in our community than anyone might believe.

“Hungry people look just like everyone else. They’re your neighbor, your friend, your family.” It is because of you that the Food Bank and our partners can nourish people like Pat and her granddaughter. Many thanks for your support and dedication to the work we do in our community.

Your turn

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