Imagine you arrive at work one day to find the doors locked, the windows shuttered, and no one answering the telephone. One day you have a job and a steady paycheck and the next you don’t, with absolutely no notice or time to prepare.

That’s what happened to Angie. She showed up at the local restaurant where she had been employed since they opened many years before to find it completely shut down. Angie and her teenage daughter lived solely on that income and in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

Angie immediately set to work applying for new jobs and lining up interviews. But finding a new job takes time and meanwhile her shelves and refrigerator, along with her bank account, were quickly emptying. Angie had to buy gasoline to get to her job interviews, not to mention pay the larger bills such as rent and utilities. Suddenly there wasn’t enough left for groceries.

Finding help, finding hope


Luckily Angie drove by the Food Bank while on her way to an interview. She made a mental note to stop and seek some food assistance for her family. “I was getting worried. I’ve had some job interviews, but I was starting to worry about buying food,” Angie told us.

Angie was so grateful to receive help with food and to have one less worry during this stressful time. Unfortunately, there are many people in the Food Bank’s 34-county service area who share these worries, more than 629,000 people in fact. We keep working, thanks to your support, to distribute more food and develop solutions for our friends and neighbors facing hunger.

You can make a difference for Angie

Healthy food for individuals and families. Meals for kids. Nutrition education. Your tax-deductible gift to the Food Bank will immediately help hungry seniors, families, and children right here in our community. For more than three decades, that’s how neighbors have been helping neighbors get enough to eat. For every $10 you give, we can provide 50 meals! Thank you for changing Angie’s life, and the lives of thousands like her.