Kat and Bert volunteering
Kat and Bert volunteering

Food Bank Donors Kat and Bert tell us in their own words why they support the Food Bank:

Their ‘Why’

A little over a year ago we returned from a two-year RV travel adventure across the United States. We decided that while we were traveling, we would try to volunteer in every state in which we stayed. We had quite a few interesting experiences: serving snow cones and cotton candy in Nashville at a fundraising walk, hiking trails looking for fallen trees that blocked the paths in a forest in Indiana, and even cheering runners during an uphill climb in a race in Louisville.

But, the majority of the opportunities we came across were helping provide food to those in need. It was an eye-opening experience that there are so many people in the U.S. in need of food and meals. We worked in places big and small, from helping individual people shop, to packing boxes in very large food banks, sorting donations, and whatever else was needed.

When we decided to come back home to Raleigh, we knew we did not want that part of our lives to end. We wanted to be part of our community and to help those who are in need. Providing food was such a common theme to our volunteering that we eagerly searched for those opportunities.

Their Action

The Food Bank was just what we were looking for. We met with staff members to discuss opportunities and their enthusiasm was contagious. We’d helped the Food Bank in the past before our travels, but not in a hands-on way. Now we are regularly able to help on Tuesdays in the warehouse with partner agency pickup by restocking supplies, sorting, and keeping things organized. We also help once a month in Halifax County distributing boxes to seniors as part of the CSFP program, a monthly program that supports senior citizens with nutritious food. Being able to hand out those boxes and talk with those who receive them is very rewarding.

CSFP photo by Craig Hewett
Typical foods packed into each CSFP box for senior citizens

It’s nice to be able to feel like we make a difference in our community, and to know that those in need of food are getting assistance. We are grateful we have the opportunity.

Your Turn

September is Hunger Action Month, and the Food Bank is asking our donors, volunteers, and partner agencies to “Share Your Why.” Why is hunger relief important to you? Why do you support the Food Bank?

Hop onto social media to share YOUR why. Every story encourages others to join in the fight against hunger in our community. Tag us so we can share your why, too: @FoodBankCENC #NoOneGoesHungry