Over half of all the children in our 34-county service area depend on the meals provided by their school as their primary source of food. While school cafeterias were closed this summer, we served more than 220,000 meals to 5,500 children through our Kids Summer Meals program.

At more than 130 churches, schools, community centers, and summer camps, kids could count on a healthy meal five days a week. At most of these Kids Summer Meals sites, we provide meals that are easily distributed, stored, and served to a large group of kids, which translates to a lot of cold sandwiches and fruit cups. These meals are filling and nutritious to be sure, but in an effort to continually improve upon meal service and quality, we have partnered with local restaurants and catering companies to serve hot meals to the children at 33 of our Kids Summer Meals sites.

The variety and yummy taste of these catered meals have made them wildly popular with the kids. So we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we do it!

Watch the story of one of our partners Ophelia Grimes, better known as “The Food Lady,” and see the difference she makes in Mt. Olive and the surrounding communities.

Thanks to the Food Lady and all of our community partners who support our Kids Summer Meals program!