Charles took a lot of pleasure and pride in working in the construction industry, until one day on the job, a tree fell on him, breaking his skull and shattering vertebra in his back. He was left with a plate in his skull, six fused vertebrae, and no income because his injuries made it impossible to work.

“After the accident I didn’t know what the next day would bring and I didn’t have a whole lot to look forward to,” said Charles.

It’s been two years since his accident and medical bills continue to pile up. After household bills are paid, Charles has $50 left for food and other needs. The Food Bank’s partner agency, Hillsborough Seventh Day Adventist Church, has been critical for Charles to receive the help he needs.

Charles states very plainly, “Without SNAP and the Food Bank, I wouldn’t be able to make it.”

More than 600,000 individuals, families, and children in the Food Bank’s service area face a similar dilemma as Charles: After essential bills like rent, electric, water, etc. are paid, what is left for food, gas, and medicine?

“I love working. I miss working,” said Charles. “But now it’s hard just taking care of myself. My future is just sort of busted.”

Charles takes comfort in the fact that he is able to receive help from the combination of food from his local pantry and SNAP. His local pantry receives their food from the Food Bank, which ensures Charles gets the nutrition he needs. He’s even able to volunteer at the pantry a bit, which helps him feel like he’s giving back.

Thanks to your support, the Food Bank works with our partner agencies to build pathways to long-term food security for people like Charles. Your donations or volunteering can help Charles and others like him put food on the table. Your donations help fill his local pantry – for every $1 donated, the Food Bank can provide 5 meals. To take action and make a gift, visit