4 03, 2021

Empowering Communities


Food Bank has taken action to educate ourselves and step up our partnerships with organizations that work to empower LatinX communities.

Empowering Communities2021-03-04T09:26:16-05:00
24 02, 2021

Sustaining those who sustain us


Renee’s husband is a farm worker and does not have paid sick leave. When their family had COVID-19, they were devastated by the loss of income. Our local Partner Agency provided them food.

Sustaining those who sustain us2021-02-24T13:06:20-05:00
1 02, 2021

Meeting people where they are


As the COVID-19 crisis took hold, the Food Bank transitioned our Trenton Pantry to a new permanent space to help build resilience in Jones County.

Meeting people where they are2021-02-22T14:57:29-05:00
30 07, 2020

Peter: 40 years of feeding


Even as the first food bank in the state, I doubt our founders could have predicted how food insecurity would increase and the challenges we would meet along the way.

Peter: 40 years of feeding2020-07-30T10:40:49-04:00