Social Media Ambassadors Program

The Food Bank’s Social Media Ambassadors Program allows digital enthusiasts, networked individuals, & online influencers to raise awareness of hunger and our mission by incorporating our message into their social media.

Social Media Ambassadors (SMA) are an online community of supporters who mix Food Bank messages into their posts. In turn, your name and profile will be featured below on our SMA Roster. The Social Media Ambassadors are critical to helping us expand community awareness of hunger and our work that nourishes nearly 600,000 children, families, seniors need every day of the year.

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  • How does it work?
    The Food Bank sends a monthly newswire email that contains information about our current activities, news stories, and initiatives. Ambassadors can pick and choose what they’d like to share on their personal blogs and social media channels.

  • How often do I mention the Food Bank?
    We ask Ambassadors to follow @FoodBankCENC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and post about the Food Bank at least once per quarter (at least 4 times per year). A share or retweet would be great. Posting original videos and photos are divine. Engaging your workplace, church, or neighborhood is a dream come true for us!

  • What’s in it for me?
    In addition to the glory of being an Ambassador for the Food Bank, here are some of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy:

    • For new members: Welcome Packet that includes literature, personalized Certificate of Membership, and a few branded items
    • Opportunity for guest blog posts on the Food Bank blog
    • Special invitations to Food Bank events
    • Monthly NewsWire email for Ambassadors only
    • Feature on our Social Media Ambassador Roster below
  • How do I qualify?
    Social Media Ambassadors should have at least one online network that is public (not set to private) so that shared Food Bank content can be seen by everyone. Applicants should have already published posts about the Food Bank.  (This webpage about Hunger in our Area has stats you can share). Ambassadors must reside in our 34 county service area and believe in our #NoOneGoesHungry vision. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
    You can talk to our Communincations Team! Lindsay Humbert, Digital Strategy Manager, 919-906-4798,

Social Media Ambassador Roster

The Food Bank deeply values our Social Media Ambassadors and applauds their efforts to help fight hunger across our 34-county service area. Thank you!

Adam Whitesell
Ambassador Since 2019
Twitter: @awhitesellCFP
LinkedIn: Adam Whitsell
Facebook Profile: Adam Whitesell
Twitter: @yourCFPadvisors
Facebook Page: Inspired Capital

Aisha Chavis
Ambassador Since 2019
Instagram: @aishathevegan

Alexandria Griffin
Ambassador Since 2019
Twitter: @alxandriachloe
Instagram: @alxandriachloe

Alicia Tolbert
Ambassador Since 2015
Twitter: @antolber
Facebook Profile: Alicia Nicole Shadè Tolbert
LinkedIn: Alicia Tolbert

Alycia Ragey
Ambassador Since 2014
Twitter: @alyragey
LinkedIn: Alycia Ragey
Instagram: @alyragey

Andrea Eisen
Ambassador Since 2014
Twitter: @goodgirlgonered
LinkedIn: Andrea Eisen Bates, LCSW
Facebook Page: Good Girl Gone Redneck
Instagram: @goodgirlgonered

Angela Stanley
Ambassador Since 2017
Instagram: @fabfortykindnesschallenge

Antionette Joyner
Ambassador Since 2019
Instagram: @4rmsoul2vegan

Ashley Freeman
Raleigh Food Pics
Ambassador Since 2018

Instagram: @raleighfoodpics
Twitter: @raleighfoodpics
Facebook Page: @raleighfoodpics

Brian Sloan
Ambassador Since 2019

Twitter: @BrianSloanDRAH
LinkedIn: Brian Sloan

Cecilia Moreno
Food Diary of a City Girl, LLC
Ambassador Since 2014

Twitter: @CityGirlCece
Facebook Page: Food Diary of a City Girl
Instagram: @CityGirlCece

Charity Scales
Ambassador Since 2019

Twitter: @charityyy_
Instagram: @charityyy_

Charlene Coley
Ambassador Since 2019

Facebook Profile: Charlene Coley
Instagram: @cimblessed51

Christine Dohrmann
Ambassador Since 2018

Twitter: @CDohrmannNC
LinkedIn: Christine Dohrmann

Craig Hewett
Ambassador Since 2016

Twitter: @craighewett
Instagram: @craighewett
Facebook Profile: Craig Hewett

Crystal Dee
Ambassador Since 2018

Instagram: @crystalxdee
Instagram: foodallergieznoprob
Facebook Page: Your Food Allergy Guide

DaNeil Guion
Ambassador Since 2017

Twitter: @BigPlayGuion

David Kochman
Ambassador Since 2018

Twitter: @davidkochman

Dawn Neighbors
Ambassador Since 2018

Facebook Profile: Dawn Neighbors

Deirdre Reid
Ambassador Since 201
Twitter: @deirdrereid
LinkedIn: Deirdre Reid, CAE

Earlicia McBryde
Ambassador Since 2019

LinkedIn: Earlicia McBryde
Instagram: @quensettamarie_model

Elena Johnson
Ambassador Since 2019

Instagram: @ejohns71
Facebook Profile: Elena Johnson
LinkedIn: Elena Johnson

Esha Shakthy
Ambassador Since 2019

Twitter: @eshashakthy
Instagram: @through.eshas.lens

Faye Prosser
Faye Prosser
Smart Spending Resources
Ambassador Since 2017

Twitter: @WRALShopper
Facebook Page: WRAL SmartShopper
LinkedIn: Faye Prosser

Gayle Tabor
Ambassador Since 2018

Twitter: @dalm8ton
Twitter: @glynnesoaps

Gloria Polakof
Ambassador Since 2017

Facebook Page: Blakes Basket
Facebook Page: Handy Mike’s
Facebook Page: HMA Dragonfly PRO
Facebook Page: Healthy Fun Lifestyles
Facebook Page: Gardeners of Moore County,NC
Facebook Page: Whispers of WP “World Peace”
Facebook Page: Sandhills Feed Supply Company

Gregory Ng
Ambassador Since 2012

Twitter: @gregoryng

Gwen Weatherspoon
Ambassador Since 2019

Praise Ministries Family Worship Center
Twitter: @pmfwc
Facebook Page: Praise Ministries Family Worship Center, Inc.

Jacqueline Olich
Ambassador Since 2017

Twitter: @jmolich
LinkedIn: Jacqueline Olich, PhD

Janyne Kizer
Ambassador Since 2016

Twitter: @jmkizer
Instagram: @jmkizer
LinkedIn: Janyne Kizer

Jeanne Milliken Bonds
Ambassador Since 2017

Twitter: @jeannebondsnc
LinkedIn: Jeanne Milliken Bonds
Facebook Page: Jeanne Milliken Bonds
Facebook Profile: Jeanne Milliken Bonds

Jen Lawrence
Ambassador Since 2014

Twitter: @jenOni_Inc
LinkedIn: Jen Lawrence
Instagram: @jenoni_inc
Facebook Page: JenOni Inc.

Jennifer Wilson-Mathis
Ambassador Since 2016

LinkedIn: Jennifer Wilson-Mathis
Twitter: @jwilsonmathis
Instagram: @wilsonmathis

Jerry Micelle
Ambassador Since 2015

Twitter: @moontzu
LinkedIn: Jerry Micelle, Jr.

Joe Mecca
Ambassador Since 2013

Twitter: @jfmecca

Joseph Pompeo
Ambassador Since 2018

Twitter: @joseph_Pompeo
LinkedIn: Joe Pompeo

JR Oakes
Ambassador Since 2015

Twitter: @jroakes
LinkedIn: JR Oakes