Case is an active Raleigh fourth grader who loves to play sports with his friends. Case knows he is blessed to live in a home where there is always food on the table to keep him nourished and full of energy.

Case (right) and Harry (left) proudly weigh the food donations from their combined birthday food drive

Case (right) and Harry (left) proudly weigh the food donations from their combined birthday food drive

Case also knows that not all kids his age are as lucky. After seeing the effects of Hurricane Matthew on eastern North Carolina, Case decided that for his 10th birthday he would once again ask friends to bring food drive donations instead of presents. Only this time, he would join forces with his friend and birthday buddy Harry to have an even bigger impact!

Case and Harry held a joint sports themed birthday party for 25 friends. The boys spent the day at the park running and playing – and also filling the back of an SUV with food donations. When it was time to donate the food, Case knew exactly where he wanted to take the food: to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

Case knows that the food he donates in Raleigh can feed families miles away who are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew, because the Food Bank service area reaches across 34 counties. Case also loves coming to the Food Bank’s donation center and weighing the food on our giant scales.

“It’s an easy and good way for the boys to experience service and experience giving back,” said Case’s mother Kimberly. “The cool thing is at the Food Bank you can actually see how much food you’re contributing and how many meals that is. When Case did that for his birthday a couple years ago, that resonated with him. He remembered how much he had done before. This year, to multiply that with two birthday boys was just even more fulfilling.”

Case and Harry, along with their party guests, raised 222 meals for their eastern North Carolina neighbors. Great job boys, and Happy Birthday!

The Food Bank relies on community food drives to help collect food to support our mission that No One Goes Hungry in Central & Eastern NC. Check out the resources on our website to host a fantastic food drive of your own.