13 08, 2018

Doctors, Donors Bob and Ann know food is the most powerful medicine


Doctors Bob Lee and Ann Talton-Lee are both pharmacists who recognize the importance of medicine, but also appreciate that food is the most powerful medicine one can use to combat and treat illness. As new members to the Full Plate Circle, they love the Food Bank’s low administrative costs, strong volunteer support, and emphasis on nutrition [...]

Doctors, Donors Bob and Ann know food is the most powerful medicine2020-09-21T11:56:17-04:00
14 03, 2017

Look what your donations helped us accomplish in 2016!


Thanks to your dedication & support of our mission we distributed more than 64 million pounds of food to our 34 counties last year. And we invite you see what we accomplished together by viewing the 2016 Impact Report. While it has been a time of expansion in services and planning to implement new resources, [...]

Look what your donations helped us accomplish in 2016!2017-03-14T10:20:59-04:00
9 01, 2017

Spectacular birthday party collects food instead of presents


Case is an active Raleigh fourth grader who loves to play sports with his friends. Case knows he is blessed to live in a home where there is always food on the table to keep him nourished and full of energy. Case (right) and Harry (left) proudly weigh the food donations from their combined [...]

Spectacular birthday party collects food instead of presents2017-01-09T09:38:14-05:00
5 12, 2014

The Story of One Thousand Thanksgivings


  Last month we told you the story of a group of churches in Moore County that come together every year to prepare Thanksgiving meals for kids and their families who receive weekend meals through the BackPack Pals Program at our Sandhills Branch. We told you that this year they expected to provide 900 meals to food [...]

The Story of One Thousand Thanksgivings2014-12-05T12:53:28-05:00
17 10, 2014

On the Road with Manny


What's it like to be a Food Bank driver? And how do they distribute food to people in need? Watch the video to follow Manny on his route from Wake to Warren County and back while he drops off food at a partner agency and fills his truck back up with donations from our retail partners. [...]

On the Road with Manny2014-10-17T17:28:51-04:00
3 10, 2014

What is a partner agency anyway?


A partner agency is our umbrella term for nonprofits such as food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior centers, and other organizations that provide emergency food assistance to people in need. These agencies are on the front lines of hunger, directly providing food and other human services to their community. Across our 34 county service [...]

What is a partner agency anyway?2014-10-03T14:50:39-04:00
18 06, 2014

2013 Impact Report: Food Restores


The Food Bank produces an Annual Report, or Impact Report, every year. The report includes comprehensive information about our activities and financial performance from the year prior, and is a simple way to see how your generous donations helped the community--how you made a difference. And our latest report is in! Check it out: View the [...]

2013 Impact Report: Food Restores2014-06-18T17:07:21-04:00
9 05, 2014

Save the Cans: An Engineering Project for Hunger Relief


Millions of cans are donated to the Food Bank every year. But how do we prepare them for distribution? All canned food donations are weighed and sorted by our volunteers. But the cans we receive from one of our food industry partners, around 500,000 of them, must also be inspected and labeled. Volunteers carefully examine [...]

Save the Cans: An Engineering Project for Hunger Relief2014-05-09T13:00:24-04:00