16 04, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Golinski


Every day is different. I have enjoyed all my shifts at the Food Bank CENC, but I have really enjoyed the relationships that I have formed with the other volunteers and employees.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Golinski2019-04-16T15:32:26-04:00
5 11, 2015

The Story of 3808 Tarheel Drive (and who we have to thank for it)


Tonight the Food Bank is honoring our Hunt-Morgridge Service Awardees, Jack and Mary Hofler, for their lifetime of service to the Food Bank and their community. Read on to hear their story and how they fueled our mission for more than 20 years. Jack and Mary Hofler moved to Raleigh in the 1960s when Jack was asked by his [...]

The Story of 3808 Tarheel Drive (and who we have to thank for it)2015-11-05T11:46:20-05:00
16 03, 2015

Food Bank Spotlight: 2015 Hunt-Morgridge Awardee, Ash Pipkin


Meet Ash. The Food Bank is honoring his lifetime of service to our community with our 2015 Hunt-Morgridge Award. Read on to hear his story. About the Hunt-Morgridge Award: This award recognizes extraordinary leadership and dedication to hunger relief efforts. The Food Bank instituted the award in the name of The Honorable James B. Hunt, Jr., former [...]

Food Bank Spotlight: 2015 Hunt-Morgridge Awardee, Ash Pipkin2015-03-16T10:00:35-04:00
16 01, 2015

Our Raleigh Branch on the Move


You may have heard that we need a new building for our Raleigh distribution center. Here’s some more information about how our Raleigh Branch works and why we are looking for a larger space. Partner Agencies pick up food at our Raleigh distribution center. Photo credit: Donn Young Six days a week, Food [...]

Our Raleigh Branch on the Move2015-01-16T17:35:27-05:00