Dear Friend of the Food Bank,

During times of change our friends and neighbors who are living with food insecurity and who are considered most vulnerable, can feel even more uncertain about what the future may hold for them.

Despite many times of change during our 40-year history, the Food Bank, working together with our partner agencies, has always supported all individuals and families across central and eastern North Carolina with food assistance. 

In ensuring ‘No one goes hungry in Central & Eastern North Carolina’ we believe and mandate that everyone, regardless of race; citizenship; religion; sex; ancestry; age; marital status; disability; sexual orientation, including gender identity; military, or veteran, status, deserves and should receive access to healthy, nutritious food. 

We do not make judgement when we supply food; everyone, from all walks of life, has the basic right to eat. Together, we work to provide stability, sustenance, esteem, and to restore hope.

This remains a constant, and is supported by you all, our community of donors and volunteers, unwavering in the face of incredible need. 

Communities care for one another, and we take that responsibility seriously. Thank you for making our hungry friends and neighbors in central and eastern North Carolina a priority.

President/CEO Peter Werbicki

Peter Werbicki
President & CEO
Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina