Angie Nesius has been volunteering with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina since 2016. She lives in Raleigh and works as a medical biller. Rather than sorting food, Angie uses her technological savvy to assist with donor database entry and donor appreciation.

Angie Nesius, Food Bank CENC volunteer

How did you first come to be a Food Bank CENC volunteer?

Each year I coordinate our subdivision’s charity chili cook-off, and in 2016, we selected Food Bank CENC as our charity. While dropping off our donations, I met Food Bank staffer Chandler Rock and asked her about volunteer opportunities. Her passion was contagious, and I was volunteering shortly after that. I felt at home and excited to use my computer skills towards a worthy cause.

What is rewarding about volunteering with Food Bank CENC?

Data entry and letter writing might not seem exciting to some. But it’s not the task that makes it fun, it’s those like-minded folks that you meet while you are there who make you smile and laugh and restore your faith in the world.

What have you learned from volunteering at Food Bank CENC?

Writing thank you notes to donors who use their income to help others lets me know that there are so many good people in our area who genuinely care about others. I try to smile more at strangers because they might be someone who has donated to provide meals to those in need.  

There are numerous great places to volunteer. Why Food Bank CENC?

The Food Bank provides support to hundreds of agencies who work to meet those in need. It just made sense. By volunteering at Food Bank CENC, your work will reach so many people in need. Chandler has made my volunteering experience as pleasant as can be. I feel appreciated for everything I have done at Food Bank CENC, as if I were a donor instead of the person writing the donor thank you notes.


Your turn!

Volunteers are vital to ensuring nutritious food reaches nearly 630,000 individuals living in food-insecure households in our service area of 34 counties. Last year, Food Bank volunteers gave a recording breaking 253,567 hours of their time. This is equivalent to 122 full-time employees — literally doubling the size of our staff!  Every day, Food Bank CENC volunteers are making a tangible contribution to our communities…and you can too!

Volunteers double our staff!